• The best segment filtering element: made with the exclusive Carbon Block, which enables the unique shape of the refill and offers one of the best contaminant elimination systems found in water for human consumption.
  • Tigre Quality: Products tested periodically based on NBR 16098: 2012 and certified according to Inmetro Ordinances No. 344/2014 and 394/2014.
  • Differentiated design: design with curved, contemporary features, confer to the products and warranty of the colors with the application of UV additive for the protection of the colors.
  • Simple and practical maintenance: easy to install, no maintenance service required. The filter element does not need cleaning/backwashing, just discard the refill after its service life (1,500 liters or approximately six months).
  • Versatile and easy to use: steering wheels with smart mechanism: up releases water from the purifier and down, releases water from the faucet. When in the center, the water outlet closes. Wheel with 1/4 turn stem and ceramic insert, plus movable spout on faucet and on purifier.


1. With the hydraulic general valve closed, clean the connection point where the purifier will be installed, thereby eliminating residue that could damage or impair the proper operation of the product.

2. To facilitate the installation of the purifier, unscrew the spout fixation spout and remove the spout, after disassembling the upper assembly by unscrewing the housing and refill, apply tape to the fittings, assemble the finish, and install the purifier body into the hydraulic connection by tightening until the necessary tightening is achieved to ensure the seal.

3. After, refit the refill by screwing the purifier body after the process to mount the housing and the spout with the securing nut.

4. IMPORTANT: Before the first use or when changing the filter element, open the register in the Purifier position and let 15 liters of water flow to clean the filter element.

Note: Do not apply force by threading the components.

Note 1: For homes with low pressure, remove the gear unit from the flow. Thus increasing the water flow in the purifier.

Note 2: This appliance has a 2-way ceramic valve, i.e., by turning the wheel upwards the water will only flow out of the purifier, turning downwards, leaving the faucet only, closing the water outlet, returning the wheel to position.

Note 3: A temporary drip may occur through the purifier after first use, until full expansion of the filtration system occurs.


Color CODE
Branco com Cromo 300000646
Branco 300000645
Refil 300000651

¼ turn release mechanism, with ceramic seal;
Single drive for the purifier and faucet;
Colors: White and White with Chrome;
The spouts on the faucet and the purifier are movable;
It has water saving aerator on the faucet;
Gauge: ½" with adapter for ¾";
Application: cold water;
Installation: for point of use (POU);
Working pressure: 0.2 to 4.0 kgf/cm²;
Carbon Block filtration system;
Reduction of chlorine, odors and particles;
Filter element: capacity to filter up to 1500 liters of water;
With free chlorine reduction, retention of class D particles (≥ 15 to <30 μm), without bacteriological efficiency.
Composition: Apparatus made of ABS, with internal components
in polypropylene, ceramic and brass, nitrile rubber seals
filter element made of carbon block, trim piece
can present copper, nickel and chromium alloys.
Refill for this appliance: 300000651 - Refill for Purifier

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