- High durability - Due to UV additive;

- Total safety - Perfect fit that prevents the proliferation of Aedes Aegypti as well as protects against sun rays, preventing the development of algae and bacteria and ensuring water drinkability;

- Simplified installation - It already comes with marking for holes, making installation easier;

- Easy cleaning - smooth internal surface that prevents incrustations.



- Raw Material - Made of Medium Density Polyethylene;

- Storage capacity - 310, 550, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 and 5000 liters;

- Manufacturing Process - Rotational Molding;

- Full and secure closing system - The lid has a flap that fits perfectly to the body;

- Marking for holes in the tank body - Guarantee of drilling without error;

- Instruction Manual - Adhesive glued to the product body;

- Reference Standards - NBR 14799 and NBR 15682.


Do you know where to install the Water Tank? The location may be concrete or wood, but it must be larger than the width of the bottom of the tank and have resistance compatible with its weight. Make sure the base is smooth, level, free of dirt and sharp materials. If placed on a wooden base, boards should be sturdy and spaced apart. In the installation video or in the product data sheet you can check out the installation step-by-step.


What type of material is used for manufacturing the water tanks? 

Tigre water tanks are made of medium density polyethylene (MDPE), in blue color, through the rotational molding process. The combination of raw material and manufacturing process ensures this product high strength and light weight, easier installation and ensuring its operation.

Can the water tanks be installed exposed to the sun? 

Yes. Tigre tanks have in their raw material anti-UV properties and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Can I drill the water tanks on the back wall for exit of pipes? 

No. The water tanks have flat grooves throughout their area designed to receive pipes. Drillings in inappropriate places cause tensioning on the tank walls, making subsequent breakage possible.


Capacidade (Litros) CODE PACKING
500L 100017470 1


Capacidade (Litros) D1 D2 h1 h2
500L 1230 918 780 638