• Raw material PVC
  • Maximum working temperature 20º
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 75


- Faster and easier installation: due to fewer joints;

- Complete and cost-effective solution: need for fewer fittings;

- Safety: ensures watertightness, lower risk of leaks;

- Easy installation: comes with template for drill size;

- There is no need for preventive maintenance;

- Durability: does not suffer oxidation.




- Working pressure: 7.5 kgf/cm2 at a temperature of 20 °C;

- Available in weld version with diameters: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 60mm;

- Sealing ring: Material: SBR rubber; Color: black; Included with the product;

- Handle: Orange PVC; Allows opening and closing the valve with ¼" turn;

- Free flange: With flaps to make manual fastening easier;

- Screw-end for coupling with float valve: Female thread, ISO-7 standard;

- Body: Brown PVC; Internal ball in PVC with sealing rings in Polyurethane; Weld version;

- Fixed flange: Groove for placing rubber ring.


Clean and remove dirt from the surface where the Tigre Water Tank Drain Valve will be installed. To drill the hole on the tank wall, use as reference the internal diameter of the instruction template included with the product. Drill the hole with a drill equipped with a hole saw as specified diameter. Mount the adapter leaving the fixed flange with the valve facing the outside of the water tank, keeping the rubber ring on the existing groove in the fixed flange. Manually fasten the free flange on the inside of the tank, until the part locks. There is no need to use any other sealing material. Watertightness will be ensured by the compression of the rubber ring against the water tank wall.


What type of material is used for manufacturing the water tanks? 

Tigre water tanks are made of medium density polyethylene (MDPE), in blue color, through the rotational molding process. The combination of raw material and manufacturing process ensures this product high strength and light weight, easier installation and ensuring its operation.

Can the water tanks be installed exposed to the sun? 

Yes. Tigre tanks have in their raw material anti-UV properties and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations.

What is the ideal base for Tigre water tanks?

The ideal base should cover the entire bottom of the tank. We emphasize that the base must be completely flat and without imperfections.

Can I drill the water tanks on the back wall for exit of pipes? 

No. The water tanks have flat grooves throughout their area designed to receive pipes. Drillings in inappropriate places cause tensioning on the tank walls, making subsequent breakage possible.


20 27955703 6 Produto descontinuado
25 27955657 6
32 27955673 6
40 27955738 4 Produto descontinuado
50 27955690 6
60 27955754 4 Produto descontinuado


Bitola A A1 B C D DN
20 125,7 43 72,6 20 64,3 1/2
25 124 43 75 25 70,3 3/4
32 139 43 84 32 79,6 1
40 164,4 48 104,1 40 87,4 1.1/4
50 164 48,1 106 50 94,95 1.1/2
60 202,1 51 108,7 60 108,7 2