• Ease of use: 1/4 turn wheel, ceramic valve which make it easy to open and close.
  • Tigre quality guarantee: 100% tested and standardized product (NBR 10281).


Check out the full step-by-step in the datasheet available for download just below.

With the general valve closed, uninstall the handwheel from the faucet by pulling it, then unscrew the fastener and uninstall the repair by removing it from the body of the faucet.

Then mount the new repair by fitting it to the body of the faucet, paying attention to the internal mounting details, thread the repair fixer again with minimum force to ensure that no leaks occur, then reinstall the steering wheel in the same position by pressing-it under the repair.


Color CODE
Branco 300000663
Cromado 300000664

Composition: engineering plastics, polypropylene, ceramics, brass, elastomers and metal alloys.
Available colors: White, White with Chrome and Chrome.
For use in cold water.
Working pressure: up to 4.0 kgf/cm²;
Conditions of Use: 38° C.
Ceramic Valve ¼ turn.
Table model gauge: ½”.
Minimum Flow: 0.04L/s.
Product manufactured in accordance with NBR 10281 standards.

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