The satisfaction and motivation of professionals are essential to build a one and only Tigre. That is why our “feras” have a lot of benefits and incentive programs, to promote the best environment as possible. In 2015, R$ 54.2 million were invested in incentives in Brazil. Check out them:


Health Insurance

Our “feras” and their dependents are entitled with health insurance with national coverage, since first day of work. The plan includes:

  • Medical appointments, with 20% of co-participation from the employee.
  • Medical and clinical services, without co-participation.
  • Physiotherapy, without co-participation.
  • Hospitalization, without co-participation.
  • Additional exams (image and laboratory), with 30% of co-participation from the employee.
  • Therapeutic services, without co-participation.
  • Surgeries, without co-participation. In Manaus, Health Insurance has a local coverage with a differentiated percentage of co-participation.

In Manaus, Health Insurance has a local coverage with a differentiated percentage of co-participation.


Dental Plan

Just like on Health Insurance, the national coverage can be used since the first day of work. The plan includes:

  • Appointments, with 30% of co-participation from the employee.
  • Radiographs, with 30% of co-participation from the employee.
  • Dental restoration, with 30% of co-participation from the employee.
  • Root canal therapy, with 30% of co-participation from the employee.

Dental plan is not available in all Tigre units.



In Operational Centers, employees have exclusive restaurants with menus made by nutritionists, offering a balanced diet with light options. To professionals that work externally, like sellers, a meal voucher is available. In some units, food baskets or food cards are offered.



To assure comfort and safety on the route to work, two options are offered to employees: transportation vouchers or exclusive bus lines, that provide comfort with route attendance to better serve the employee.



Physical health has big contribution in work energy. With this in mind, Joinville unit gives the opportunity to enjoy a fitness center with an attractive price, much lower than outside the company. In other units, such as Camaçari, Escada and Rio Claro, employees have agreements with city fitness establishments.


Rotational Loan

To avoid financial unexpected problems, Tigre offers an emergency loan without interest or correction, discounted by up to 10 installments of the payroll. It is offered for Tigre Pipes and Fittings, Claris and Tiger Painting Tools employees.


Payroll Loan

In special cases, Tigre, in partnership with HSBC and Bradesco, offers another loan option, the payroll loan. It has attractive interest rates below the market and is directly discounted from the payroll.


Life Insurance

Our life insurance covers accidental and natural death, with previously accorded values. To ages under 14, this life insurance provides coverage for the funeral. To our units in Manaus/AM, Tigre Painting Tools (Castro/PR) and Tigre Escada there is a small change on the insured amount for natural death.


Buying Tigre Products

All employees can buy Tigre products with special prices and easier payment, up to 12x without interest, directly discounted from the payroll.


Recreational Sportive Society Tigre (SER Tigre)

Sports are a great way to keep body and mind healthy. Thinking about it, SER Tigre, a recreational sportive society with great structure, is present in many units of the group, available to employees and their families. SER Tigre is headquartered in Joinville; units that do not have this recreational society have agreements with local sports establishments.


Christmas Gift

Every year our employees receive two gifts: one surprise gift, given to everyone, and another one chosen from some options, to the employee and their family.


Social Assistance

: Tigre offers social workers to all employees, with weekly attendance on our units – not available in Manaus and Escada. Contact can be presential, home visited, medical appointment or phone call. Social workers can help in processes that involve Health Insurance, guiding and supporting our professionals’ families.


Facilities Card

The card enables employees to enjoy discounts in their city shops, with up to 40 days to pay. It is a free card, has no annual fee and is directly discounted from the payroll. It is available to members of SER Tiger and Joinville, Rio Claro and Camaçari units, and it has a limit so the employee does not compromise your income.


Private Pension Plan

Divided in two participation groups:

  • Group 1 –The formed reserves will be converted into a life annuity or can be rescued to other investment, when completed 55 years old. On shutdown, there are the possibilities of a rescue proportional of company's deposits, and integral rescue of the professional part.
  • Group 2 Employees who resign from the company with at least 10 years of work, 55 years of age and do not have the private pension plan will receive an extra financial support, amounting to a nominal salary.



To help employees and their dependents to take care of their health, we offer a national agreement to medicine purchase, in partnership with Functional Card. Professionals of Claris and Pipes and Fittings have subsidy, credited directly from the payroll. For Claris units, Manaus and Painting Tools, medicines can be discounted from the payroll.



In Joinville, employees have fully paid daycare for children up to 1 year - 6 months above than what is foreseen by law. In the other units, this benefit happens by refund, as accorded in collective bargaining.