Tigre offers formal mechanisms to career planning for all professionals, focusing on:

  • Organize, develop and engage a high performance team;
  • Create an environment that enables the learning;
  • Stimulate the team;
  • Plan and manage the team development;
  • Engage and encourage people to pursuit self-development;
  • Communicate in two paths.


These practices stimulate and offer support to professionals, so they can plan their careers. Our gestors are stimulated to discuss the career path of each professional in the moment of discussion / trial of PDI (Individual Development Plan).

To the Tigre professional, the possible paths of growth and the requirements for each functional group are accessible information through their managers, Human Resources professionals and publications on Conecta, our intranet.

With the implementation of Administrative, Operational, Y and Executive Careers, professionals have knowledge and access to career possibilities, and they are rated in a separate collegial process, that allows a better criterion alignment.


The career opportunities in Tigre are:

  • Y Career: The main goal is to retain professionals from technical areas who have competences that are difficult to identify on the market, and give them support to plan their professional future, avoiding the loss of technical or management capacity.
  • Administrative Career: Implanted in 2014, it allows professionals to visualize possibilities and criterion of growth inside or outside their area.
  • Operational Career: It is made for the growth and development of operating professionals. The Operational Career allows transparency about the career development factors, better visibility of opportunities, lined expectations between managers and contributors.
  • Executive Career: The professional grows at Administrative, Operational, Y Careers. Once identified their leadership potential, starts the development process in executive career. All these processes help to identify and improve the qualities of the company's professionals, allowing the development of the right person in the right role.