The management and monitoring of organizational climate is a constant work, result of effective leadership’s alignment with our strategic goal of creating the best environment to our “feras”.

Perceptions that professionals have about the organization are cultivated in different ways, the Organizational Climate Survey is one of the tools used for this monitoring, a two-year process involving 100% of professionals, developed with an external partner. This process occurs online for 100% of the Group companies.

With the completion of the Exame and Organizational Climate Surveys, a perception deepening is done and its management starts with the results release for 100% of the professionals. The results release takes place in cascade and is held by the leaders who, after appropriating their areas results, start the process of involving their teams in the knowledge and understanding the identified perceptions. This dissemination starts with the president’s speech at the official communications vehicle “Business in Focus” and its enhanced with the use of the mural of the units presenting the overall group results and with the focal groups that help the qualitative understanding of the survey results.

Survey results are disseminated
through focus groups,
strengthening positive perceptions about:

Imagem clima organizacional


  • Plano de saúde, as unidades reconhecem a qualidade.
  • Oportunidade de viajar, conhecer as demais unidades.
  • Companheirismo, troca de informações e ajuda mútua entre pessoas de uma mesma equipe.

Imagem identidade e comprometimento


  • Pride of belonging, especially when Tigre is compared with companies around it.
  • Affection for Tigre. People treat our improvement points with focus and determination, believing in teamwork.
  • Tigre's history with community. The pride of working in a company where family members work or have worked.
  • Companionship boosts the desire to come and learn new things.
  • Good work environment encourages good relationships.