Tigre Academy

Our “feras” never stop! To engourage the continued development, both individually and as a team, the Tigre Academy was launched in 2015, which is divided into:

Leader Academy

Goal: to provide continuing professional development, share knowledge and strenghten skills. The three main pillars of the initiative are: Humanization, supporting the implementation of voluntary social actions in partnership with the Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute, encouraging our leaders to contribute to a better world; People management, preparing our leaders to face challenges, acting strategically and alligned with the organization; Processes management, searching for the maximum operational efficiency, reducing costs and improving the quality sustainably.

Manufacture Academy

Goal: to structure all development actions required for the “feras” on the productive process conduct theri activities with excellence, identifying easily the skills to be trained.

Sales Academy

Goal: to train the “feras” working in Sales department and also our relationship network to the end customer. Made of 4 pillars: Sales Ritual; Good Business – Results by Customer; Wide Look – The world as target; and Be the Sales “fera”.

Administrative Academy

Goal: to structure all necessary actions to train our “feras”administrative activities. This academy is still in development.

Discovery Academy

Goal: to encourage constantly the inovation and sustainability instinct in our “feras”, breaking paradigms and searching for sustainable and innovative solutions with constant experience exchange.