Missão, visão e valores

Mission, vision, values, objectives and principles: several concepts are used to organize and optimize business thinking and the consequent strategic planning, contributing to Tigre remain convicted in its beliefs, rooted since 1941 by the pioneering of its founder and loyalty of his successor.

There are already 75 years of history in which Tigre is the Brazilian multinational leader in its segment, renowned by its pioneering in innovative solutions that make a difference in millions of Brazilians reforms and constructions. We believe that places where people live can always get better, and that is why we work to make treated water and sewage accessible to everyone. The company is the most well-known and respected brand in construction segment, close to sellers, reference in quality and innovation, and the best place to work in its area.

Tigre puts people in first place. This resumes almost everything: professional formation, which are more than 100 thousand every year, the close and loyal relationship with business partners, and deep knowledge about consumers’ wants and needs. These are the sources for business preservation, with creation of innovative solutions to build a better world, permanently.


We are sure that the place where people live can always be better.