• Raw material PVC
  • Maximum working temperature 60º
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 100


- Safety - Product with 100% watertightness due to the efficient sealing system;

- Easy installation - Lightweight, no nuts and with cold welded joints;

- High durability - New, tougher handle;

- Easy operation - Light opening with only 1/4 turn.




- Raw material: PVC;

- Color: Brown;

- Gauge (welding): 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 60 mm;

- Maximum pressure: 10kgf/cm²;

- Maximum temperature 60°C;

- Reference Standard: NBR 5626.


First step, through a wet and dry sandpaper, remove the shine of the surfaces to be welded (gasket joint and pipe end) to increase the attack surface of the adhesive. Then clean the sanded surfaces with the TIGRE Cleaning Solution, removing dirt and grease. Evenly spread the plastic adhesive with a brush or the tip of the tube on the treated surfaces. Fit the parts and remove any excess adhesive. On the Product Data Sheet, you can check out all instructions for use and installation of the Compact Weld Slip x Slip Ball Valve.



Which specific location is used for installing the ball valve? Can it be installed before the hydrometer?

Please be advised that the ball valve for water can be used in any area of the pipe where there is the need to prevent the return of water, but for installation before the water meter kit, it is recommended to contact the water supplier in your region.


Can I use the threaded ball valve with hot water? Is there a specific ball valve for hot water?

Please be advised that the ball valve is used only for cold water installations and its installation is not recommended in pipes for hot water.


The suction valve also functions as a ball valve?

The suction valve has the function of eliminating the air pockets inside the pipe, not functioning as a ball valve.


20 27950302 20
25 27950310 20
32 27950329 10
40 27950337 5
50 27950345 5
60 27950353 2


Bitola C DN h
20 63 20 57
25 70 25 63
32 90 32 78
40 104 40 68
50 120 50 110
60 142 60 123