Tigre Group is Brazil's national leader on plastic materials manufacture for construction sights and one of the largest in the world, operating in 40 countries through 9 national factories and 12 factories abroad in: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. The brand represents innovation and quality and it's a reference in the markets where it's present.

There are more than 7.000 employees fostering the expansion of Tigre Group, which is composed by companies in the following sectors:

Grupo Tigre

Logo Tigre

A leader and pioneering company in its segment, across all South America, Tigre produces and distributes pipes, fittings and PVC accessories in the civil construction segment, as a whole. Tigre is the most admired and recalled brand of its sector in the region on building, infrastructure, irrigation and accessories, with over 15.000 product variations.


Logo Claris

Operating in the segment of PVC casing, Claris Tigre has customized solutions, with a superior quality of product finishing, specially doors and windows, directed to the residential and commercial architecture markets. The PVC casings from Claris Tigre deliver an incomparable thermoacoustic comfort. Leader in this segment, Claris Tigre lives up to Tigre Group’s reputation, with personalized products that guarantee wellbeing and style.

Ferramentas para pintura

Logo Tigre Pincéis

Tigre painting tools is the largest manufacturer of paintbrushes in Latin America. With product lines available for the furniture, artistic and educational sectors, there are more than 1.000 variations with high quality and technology, presenting high standard solutions into the market.

Tigre USA

Logo Tigre ADS

An innovative-solutions company oriented to the infrastructure, mining and irrigation markets in South America, Tigre-ADS is the result of a joint-venture with the American company ADS (Advances Drainage Systems, Inc) world’s largest manufacturer in the field of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. Besides leading the Brazilian market, the brand is an international reference in the countries: Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. It offers solutions to great constructions with a revolutionary process that lowers installment time by 50% in comparison to other technologies.


Unidades Tigre

100% Brazilian multinational, recognized by the strength of its brand, leadership and quality of its products, Tigre takes its philosophy to all the countries where it operates. There are 9 own factories in Brazil and 12 abroad, with units in Latin America and the United States.